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Yilamz.GirlTalk2Are you tired of guys just not catching on to your “hints?” Or biting your tongue to avoid awkward girlfriend confrontation?  Here’s how to make our common girl dilemmas less painful.


When it comes to guys

Let’s say it’s a Thursday night, you’re texting your crush and you decide to drop a hint to invite him over.  The conversation goes something like:

You: “Yea, I don’t really feel like going out tonight.  I just want to stay in and watch a couple movies or something.”

Him: “Ok cool. Have fun, ttyl.”

Now you’re probably thinking that he’s uninterested or just dumb, but believe it or not, your hint wasn’t as obvious as you think.  To make this simple, most guys take things at face value.

So if you say you want to stay in and watch movies… alone, he’s going to think you want to stay in and watch movies alone. Crazy, right?  A lot of the time, girls are afraid to be forward with the guy they like because they don’t want to come off “clingy” or “weird” but guys aren’t thinking of you that way.  If anything, guys admire the initiative you took, and will most likely follow up with a date.

As I always say to my friends, “Approach a man like a man, not a girl.”  Try not to think about how you would react to the situation, such as “OMG he asked me out and I was like no, sorry,” but how a guy might respond which will either be a yes or no.  Simple.

When it comes to your girls 

There are plenty of situations when discussing a problem or conflict with your friend can be uncomfortable, but the right tone and approach can make the talk less awkward.

This topic can get a little messy because girls are very critical and are always searching for an underlying message. For example, if a girl asks her friend for her shirt back, in girl word, it can be translated as “You’re such a freeloader, give me my stuff back.”

This is why tone and approach is crucial. So whether your friend still has your favorite dress, eats all of your snacks without permission, or is dating a jerk, try to think of un-threatening words and how you would like to be approached in that situation.  Every girl has their own personality so results may vary but keep calm, some things are better said than unsaid.

 Photo by Orhan Yilmaz 

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