Girl Talk: Love, Sex And Womanhood In The Digital Age

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At VALLEY, we believe it is important to consume entertainment that is not only funny and captivating, but also contains a message the consumer can believe in. These five podcasts (available for free through the iTunes ‘Podcast’ app) give every woman the opportunity to listen, think, relate and laugh to podcasts made for women, by women.


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With sharp humor, realistic advice and a vivacious community of listeners “AdultSh1t” has already hit the top iTunes charts without even completing their first season. Best friends Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman, names you may recognize from BuzzFeed videos, have taken their talents to the podcast scene. Their absolute honesty and unfiltered conversations have listeners anticipating episodes every week and writing in to have their voices heard on the podcast. The show is casual, hilarious and covers the kinds of topics girl would only talk about with their closest friends.

“Swipe Out”

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This podcast will put your worst dating horror story to shame. Each week, host Alix McAlpine takes her audience on a real-life date with a different guy, in an effort to find what she is really looking for in a romantic partner. Season 1 is jam-packed with 34 first dates—some more awkward than others. This podcast is perfect for any guy or girl trying to get back on the dating scene or really anyone who enjoys a good laugh and some relatable content.

“2 Dope Queens”

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Put on your headphones and take a seat as this podcast will transport you to the Brooklyn comedy club where comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams produce their live show. The two women, along with guest appearances from their favorite comedians, talk about everything from sex and romance to race and music. Their most popular episodes  are titled “Dad Bods” and “Billy Joel Has the Softest Hands.” This podcast is for the listener who wants to have a good laugh while staying woke at the same time.

“Guys We F****d”

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With an eye-catching title and two unapologetic hosts, “Guys we F****d” has been making major waves in the iTunes charts. Creators Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson (the partnership known as Sorry About Last Night) are leading the sex-positive movement by producing the self-proclaimed “anti-slut-shaming podcast.” Each week the girls interview a man in which they have slept with, some for love, some for convenience, and get into the candid details with their special guest. The show was created in an effort to open up our conversations and attitudes towards sex, and of course normalize and empower the sexually-awakened woman.

“Stuff Mom Never Told You”

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Produced by HowStuffWorks, “Stuff Mom Never Told You” gets right to the facts about gender roles and the future of the women’s movement. This podcast is for the listener who likes more reporting than chitchat and wants to stay up to date and informed on women’s issues. From breaking down the #MeToo campaign to episodes entitled “Are Women Using Wine to Cope with the Patriarchy?,” hosts Emilie Aries and Bridget Todd make sure you never miss a beat. “Stuff Mom Never Told You” does an excellent job of pairing thorough research and thoughtful opinion with smart humor and captivating entertainment.

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