Getting Outside the Bubble

Vavreck-1.PlacesOutsideSC1Between the football games, weekly org meetings, classes and the convenience of having (almost) everything you need downtown, it can be difficult to notice that there’s an entire county around you, let alone another side of State College.

We can get so caught up in our regimented lives that we’re actually missing out on some really great things going on in the area. Thankfully, Valley’s got the outsider on all the coolest places to visit on your downtime.

A Little Off Campus

Plato’s Closet—Here’s a shopping opportunity you may not know about if you’re not on Atherton very much. This place is like the Attic downtown, but has been around longer and is a much bigger store. Plato’s is packed with brand name clothes sold by the students in the area, and you can also sell your clothes there. Most clothes still have the tags on them, and you can also browse shoes, accessories, etc. while waiting for your bag of clothes to be priced!

A Bit Farther…

The Boalsburg Military Museum is a really interesting place to go if you’d like to know more about Pennsylvania’s military history. It also hosts several events throughout the year, such as lectures, demonstrations and parades. Check out the site for more information on the events.

Farther than that…

Staying in the area, the Boalsburg Farmers’ Market is one you shouldn’t miss. Unlike the market downtown, this market is much bigger and runs throughout the year. About twenty different local vendors gather every Tuesday and sell everything from soap to pasta to fresh eggs. Aside from the market itself, the market hosts cooking demonstrations, harvest dinners, and more.

All the Way Up the Mountain…

Everyone knows Tussey, and the only thing you’re probably thinking is skiing? It turns out Tussey Mountain actually has a bunch of events going on at all times. Performers drive all the way up to perform on Tussey to eager audiences, and you would not believe the acoustics. Coming in October, Tussey is hosting Oktoberfest, which will be a huge celebration filled with food, music, and of course, beer. If you’re not 21, you can still go and enjoy some of the homemade cider and food vendors while enjoying live entertainment

There are so many events in a wide range of interest areas that you would be a fool not to explore more of Centre County. Get to know your area and the people in it.

Photo by Alex Vavreck


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