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The college experience, there’s nothing else like it — especially a Penn State college experience. It is the best four years of your life — cheesy, we know, say but true. Being young and studying a subject you are passionate about is truly empowering in itself as you have a whole life path of journeys in front of you.

Typically, college is four years, but timelines may vary between additional graduate programs or taking more than the recommended credits each sester, your timeline can vary a little different. If it is three years or five years, making sure you accomplished everything you wanted to do before committing to school is crucial. However, it can be difficult to remember every exact social aspect that you wanted to attend before seeing it on Instagram, being a day too late to then forget about.

Choosing Penn State is already step one in this exclusive event planning process. There are many unique opportunities only Penn State provides, which is a big selling factor in choosing to come to school here. A lot of times after joining the group Facebook page with incoming first-years, posting about roommates searches while listing three key things they are usually excited for—rush, THON, and football games. These are all amazing events Penn State offers, but there are lots of other opportunities as well that are not publicized as much to people outside of campus. Don’t worry because VALLEY has come up with a list of key events that are Penn State exclusive and to keep in mind while on your Penn State journey.

Paint Party

Let’s be honest—fraternity parties scream “so college”. Going out to a social event such as those is very unique from anything in the real world that gives you an experience. This might not be as traditional as a set event, but paint parties throw in a different aspect than a standard party. The idea behind a paint party is to wear essentially an all-white outfit and others around the party slash paint on one another. It can be actual paint or colored powders which sometimes can be hard to remove so make sure to wear clothes you do not mind getting a little colorful. 

Pickles Country Night

Yeehaw to any 21 and over country music lovers out there—this one is dedicated to you. Bill Pickles Tap Room is the place to be on a Tuesday night with their traditional theme of Country Night. Everyone arrives dressed in cowboy hats and flannels paired with some cowboy shoes while country music plays all night long. Even for people who are not country song lovers, it is a great social scene to go out with your friends and meet new people.

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Bar Crawl 

Sponsored by LineLeap, bar crawl is an event that occurs once at the end of each semester where it takes you all around the downtown State College bars. If you buy the shirt provided for the event, participants get to skip the line to enter any bar as they go down the list on the back of the t-shirt. It gathers people to travel bar to bar while getting to experience each location as being 21 and older is short-lived during a college experience.

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State Patty’s Day

Just when you thought it could not get any better—Penn State has its own holiday. Yes, that is correct, State Patty’s Day. This is State College’s alternative version of Saint Patrick’s Day as this event takes place on the last Saturday of February to make it our own occasion. There is always something going on whether it be a daylong or being eligible to go to the bars, this celebration is huge and gives everyone something to look forward to in the cold winter months.

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College GameDay

College GameDay may not be Penn State exclusive, but who can say that Lee Corso has been crowd surfing and returning to their university year after year? College GameDay is sponsored by Home Depot which sits a panel to discuss a rivalry game suspects on winning. Usually, the event is scheduled around the notorious White Out Game and takes place in front of Old main on campus. This is truly a community fulfilling event that brings the excitement for the upcoming game that night.

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Have you added any of these events to your Penn State bucket list? Let us know by tagging @VALLEYMag on Instagram!


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