Food, fashion, finance, funnies: Blogs we love

The blogosphere can be an overwhelming place, and as a busy college student, you don’t have the time to constantly wade through the Web. Lucky for you, we did the navigating and found nine sites to check out before finally starting your econ homework.

So here are some of our favorite blogs to get you started in four extracurricular interests: fashion, food, finance and comedy.

Fashionistas: Looking for funky, one-of-a-kind accessories, clothing or even household wares? Here’s your spot.
This site is actually a forum for fashion bloggers, independent and well known, inside the United States and out, with numerous fashion blog links to follow.

Erika, a 15-year-old food fanatic, posts creative recipes for treats such as red-velvet pancakes, spiced carrot cake smoothies, caramelized onion mac and cheese and triple-chocolate Nutella cookies.
Grubgirl, based in San Francisco, has bargain grocery-shopping advice, frugal cooking tips and tons of easy recipes.
Ever heard of cupcake pops? They’re a new bakery sensation, and were a Bakerella creation! This site is chock-full of fun, easy baking recipes as well as decorating tips.

A young student in New York fell into credit card debt, then used this blog to discuss how she got out of it. She also covers how she now manages her money, and how you can do it too!
This site has been recognized by Fox Business News and The New York Times. The blog’s 20-something-years-old creator studied finance in school and has an ultimate goal to help young people make money and save properly. 

Satire. Not everyone enjoys it, but the ladies of this blog have a firm grasp of it. For female college students, the rants, sometimes-explicit language and outrageous descriptions of ridiculous college occurrences are relatable and hilarious.… real original, right? Despite this, the blog is bursting with comic relief, relating to college and sometimes just life in general.  There is something for everyone, so if you need a good chuckle, check it out.

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