Five Indications that Your Relationship with Your Best Friend is Extraordinarily Close

JessiKorch_CloseFriends2Not everyone is lucky enough to have a best friend. That in itself seems to be a miracle with how many hundreds of people to choose from. Between the cattiness to fakeness, distinguishing true blues from pseudo-friends can sometimes be a challenge–an honest talent–but once you find that friend, it’s the real deal.

Whether you’ve been together since elementary days or if you met in college, there’s a chance that the bond you have may develop into something a little too comfortable. Is it a bad thing? Eh, not necessarily, but it’s always nice to know the warning signs before you’re in it for life.

Valley‘s got the scoop on the traits to look out for when assessing the seriousness of your relationship:

1. Skipping the Frats to Watch Movies in Your Pajamas

In college, we only have so many chances to go out and get crazy before we’re shoved off campus and into the real world. If you’re willing to take your Friday party night off to stuff your face with M&Ms and popcorn and watch Pitch Perfect with your bestie (consider it another indication if you both watch it in your tiny twin size bed), it’s legitimate.

2. Scheduling Classes Around (or with) Each Other

“Well, if I took this class we could have lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays and…” Umm, yeah. Needless to say, if you’re sacrificing the super easy prof to be with your friend in the 1:25 class or if you’re planning around time spent together, you’re a match made.

3. Ditching Everyone Else to Tailgate/ Go to the Games with Each Other. Every Time.

Game day is a day we consider sacred. With so many tailgates to visit and so many pictures to take (because you weren’t really there if you don’t have a hundred pictures to prove it), picking and choosing can be hard. If you don’t think twice about going with your BFF, and even decorate each other’s faces and share your pre-game juice, well…enough said.

4. You Want to Live Together, or If You Can’t, You Want a Professional Picture of You Both at the Lion Shrine to Hang Up in Your Living Room

Some BFFs plan their living arrangements together from freshman year on. If something goes wrong, you can still take that super intimate yet not weird (right?) picture of you two and hang it somewhere in your apartment for all to see. Maybe, your roommates will even be jealous of your girly romance (not really, but you don’t care).

5. You’re Planning on Where You Both Will Live After College

Looking at apartments in the city in your junior year doesn’t seem weird at all, and actually, picking out furniture is a smart move on your part, you think! What’s the harm in planning a few years in advance? You know you’ll still love each other.

There are so many other ways you could show your friend a little extra love, but what matters most is that you’ll be there for each other for the rest of your lives.

Photo by Jessica Korch


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