Five Classes That Will Expand Your Mind

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The beginning of a new semester brings the dreaded stress and anticipation of scheduling the next semester’s classes. With the pressure of scheduling early to avoid those 8 a.m.’s, getting blocked out from a class and securing the professor of your choice, planning classes can cause unnecessary tension. Whether you are planning ahead for future semesters or scattering to find replacements for this semester, VALLEY’s got your back with five classes every inquisitive student needs to take during their time at Penn State. 

1. BiSci 003: Environmental Science

If the word “science” scares you, don’t fret. This class doesn’t fit the traditional expectation of science. The main focus of this course is for you to open your mind to unconventional ideas and concepts. One of the main ways this is achieved is by eliminating the stress of tests and quizzes. Your grade is built upon attendance, journaling and group discussions during the lab component of the course. If you’re ready to see with a fresh pair of eyes, this class is for you. 

2. HDFS 129: Human Development and Family Studies

This class is your “all you need to know about life” guide. Students engage with the course material through stimulating and lively lectures that are often related back to the professor’s own experiences in life. This class will leave you feeling nostalgic about your past and excited about your future. 

3. ANTH 216: Sex and Evolution 

How much do you actually know about your body and its abilities? This course explores the intersection of the physical side of sex and how it has evolved over time. This class is rather vigorous and if your goal is to achieve a passing grade, expect to put in the work. Fortunately, after some strenuous tests and quizzes, you’ll leave feeling well-versed in a topic many individuals lack knowledge in. 

4. SOCIOLOGY 119: Race and Ethnic Relations 

This course is known as one of Penn State’s most eye-opening classes. With each class different from the next, students actively participate to introduce new ideas, thoughts and conversations about racial and ethnic factions in America. This course will force you to think about how your identity shapes your reality. 

5. MATH 034: The Mathematics of Money 

Whether you hate math or love it, you can rest assured that this mathematics course will pay off in the end. This class will teach you useful life crafts involving taxes, interest, credit cards, loans and other grown-up skills. Overall, this course is perfect for students looking to satisfy their general education quantification due to the course’s interconnection to teaching maturing college students about adulting in the real world.        

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