Find Your Patronus in The Harry Potter Room

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The Paterno and Pattee Library is the centerpiece of Patee Mall. Almost all hours of the day you can find students reading, collaborating or sipping on a cup of Joe in the different areas of the library.

There are five floors in Paterno and three in Pattee, sometimes the two sides are hard to differentiate. While there are floors dedicated to certain studies or areas dedicated to certain volume levels, one place is dedicated to reading, sleeping, and Hogwartz vibes. The Paterno Humanities Reading Room or otherwise known as “The Harry Potter Room.”

Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Garrity

Located on the second floor of Pattee, the Harry Potter room is a somewhat hidden gem within the library. Studying in this room feels like you’re studying for potions class in Hogwarts. It is also a great place to get in a quick nap before class and you can always find tired students snoozing in the cozy couches that line the entrance.

Photo courtesy of Caitlyn Garrity

Each table has eight seats complete with two green lamps in true Harry Potter fashion. The lounge chairs are immensely cozy and the quiet atmosphere makes it the perfect nap spot.

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The setup of the room allows for everyone to be focused on their work and not so much on each other. If you are looking for a quiet and productive place to grind out some homework for the week, students recommend the Harry Potter Room.

“I like how grand and old the setup of the room feels,” says junior finance major Andrew Alvarez. “It’s also one of the quietest rooms in the library which helps me be most productive.”

Many people struggle to find the room since it’s oftentimes referred to as the Harry Potter room when in the library and to librarians, it’s officially called the Humanities Reading Room.

“It’s [Harry Potter Room] tucked away from everything else so I like being away from all of the crowds in the library,” says sophomore psychology major Julia Romano.

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