Finals Week as Told by Your Favorite TV Show Personalities

There are two weeks that stand out in every semester—syllabus (or sylly) week and finals week. Everyone looks forward to sylly week which rings in the new semester and brings us back to our friends and frankly, everyone dreads finals week which brings exams, projects and stress along with it. We are about to enter finals week and everyone here at Valley knows how tough this week can be. We decided to compile what finals week is like with a little bit of help from your favorite TV show personalities.

You begin to prep for finals week by stocking up on caffeine and your favorite snacks.


All the caffeine in the world doesn’t seem like enough to get you through finals week because—let’s be honest—how much time did you give yourself to properly study for your exams and finish all your assignments? Be sure to check out events around campus to help with the stress of finals week and remember—sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is better than pulling an all nighter!

When you have an exam the Friday of finals week but all your friends leave by Wednesday.


There’s nothing more painful than watching all your friends leave Happy Valley for the summer while you’re stuck studying for finals. Even though you’re still in the best place on Earth, it’s not the same as when you had all your friends to hang out with and didn’t have to worry about finals, papers and other projects.

When your friends keep talking about how they have Friday finals but you’re the lucky one who gets to leave early.

When the situation is switched, you don’t feel like hearing about your friends problems when it comes to the fact that they have Friday finals—as harsh as that may be. Whichever of the two situations you’re in, be supportive and sympathetic of your friends. After all, we’re all in this together (High School Musical pun intended).

When someone in your class thinks you have all your sh*t together and asks to study with you.


A lot of us can attempt to pull off the “fake it till you make it” mantra, but in reality a lot of us are struggling just as much as the person we think has it all together. If you’re struggling and don’t know what you’re doing—reach out to someone! There’s bound to be someone who will help you out with getting everything together.

When you and your friends start to reminisce about all the fun you had this past year.


Hopefully, everyone can look back on this year with lots of memories, and very few regrets. Sure, you might have a night when you drank too much, maybe you should have studied a little bit more for that one exam, or you said something you shouldn’t have. In the end, every moment of this year made you who you are—so “no ragrets” for anyone. Not even a single letter.

When all your friends keep telling you that you should start studying but you don’t feel like it.


So, you don’t feel like studying. You just want to live your life! You may be slightly in denial that the end of the semester is actually here. We’re actually going to disagree with Kourtney a little bit on this one. If your friends are feeling motivated and are trying to get you to that place too, try to start studying. Making it a group effort will make it more fun anyway.

When your parents start asking you about your final grades.


Hopefully not too many of us are in this boat, but if your grades weren’t as you hoped or expected them to be, remember the words of McDreamy (RIP). Not every semester is going to be perfect grades for anyone. Besides, as Penn Staters we have much more to offer than a good GPA.

When you get back a grade and it’s higher than you expected.


Whether it’s breaking out Chandler Bing-esque dance moves or watching all the shows on Netflix you want, celebrate your good grades and achievements. You deserve it!

Walking out of your last final like:


Pull out the Beyonce strut and embrace being done with everything from this year. Finishing finals week is bittersweet because it means both being done with school and leaving our second home here in State College.

Valley would like to wish all of you the best of luck on your finals and hope this summer is amazing—no matter what you’re doing. We can’t wait to see you all again in the Fall!