Fiddlehead is a super place for soup and salad

Irving’s Bagels, a Penn State restaurant staple, has expanded its downtown domain with the opening of Fiddlehead, a soup and salad café located on 134 W. College Ave.  As a salad enthusiast, I can say that the café’s crunchy, fresh salads and savory soups did not disappoint.

After winding my way through the packed café, I came to the front of the soup and salad factory line and was able to custom order any salad I chose. Fiddlehead offers six specific salads on its menu, but customers can choose to create their own from more than 40 ingredients. It also presents a variety of made-from-scratch soups daily.

When I walked into the cafe, I was immediately greeted by a positive environment — welcoming cashiers, cheerful lime walls and the sounds of K.T. Tunstall and the like subtly crooning from the radio. But the wall color isn’t the only thing that’s green. Fiddlehead prides itself on its “green” approach — most of its materials used are either recycled or made from renewable resources. The restaurant also purchases supplies from local businesses and promotes a cleaner environment for Penn State

This café, though, is not easily a “sit-down” eatery. I quickly grabbed a chair when a costumer left, but there was only one line of face-the-wall seating and three tables near the window. It’s a better place for people wanting to eat healthy on the go.

In the end, though, I left Fiddlehead feeling full, fit and content. I will surely be back soon to try the soups.

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Photo by Ian Lopera

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