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laurenmatakas.fashionbloggers-1Fashion bloggers have been taking the internet by storm for the last few years. There’s even websites like lookbook where fashion bloggers can upload their outfits, hoping that users will ‘hype’ their photos to get them to the ‘hot’ page. These days, the fashion blogging market is so over saturated that it’s hard to filter through the average bloggers to find the best. I’ve put together a list of my personal favorites for you to check out.


Audrey Kitching (

Known for her pink hair, Philadelphia-born Audrey Kitching is one of the most-known “alternative” fashion bloggers. Gathering an immense following on Myspace back in 2006, Audrey is now of Buzznet’s most famous bloggers. She once described her style as “Hippy gothic chic meets a Dolly Parton Barbie.” Glitter, Harajuku, pastels, grunge, neons – Audrey puts together quirky outfits that just seem to work. As well as blogging about her own outfits (and photo shoots she’s done for magazines), she also blogs about fashion trends, celebrity fashion and fashion week.

Jessie Bush (We The People –

Jessie Bush, originally from New Zealand, runs We The People, a London based fashion blog “capturing the daily style and mood of people on the street. Jessie was also a regular contributor to and Grazia Australia. We The People is frequently updated with super cute, a little “out there”, but still on trend outfits. Jessie’s posts also include a “get the look” section where she will post links to items in the photographs, and often cheaper alternatives. If you like super sleek city fashion, We The People is the blog for you.

Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl –

Gary Pepper Girl was born from Gary Pepper Vintage, a webstore on eBay run by Nicole Warne selling hand-picked vintage clothing. In 12 months, Gary Pepper Vintage gained so much popularity that they opened an ecommerce store. Today, Gary Pepper is one of Australia’s largest online vintage retailers. Nicole has been featured in multiple international publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Grazia. Her style has been described as quirky and eclectic, but still feminine and beautiful. One of my favorite things about Gary Pepper Girl is that even though her outfits look high-fashion, they usually include affordable pieces from Zara and ASOS. 

Photo by Lauren Matakas


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