E!’s new “Model Squad:” Your next NYFW Binge

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If you haven’t heard of new E! show “Model Squad,” your day just got a lot better. The NYFW inspired docu-series has everyone talking.

The reality show features top models from all over the world, based in New York and Los Angeles. Some of the models on the show are Olivia Culpo, Daniella Braga, Caroline Lowe, Nadine Leopold, Devon Windsor, Ping Hue and Hannah Ferguson. The new show follows the models and gives watchers an inside look into their fast-paced, day-to-day lives.

The life of fashion models is one that people don’t always know much about. “Model Squad” jumps into all of the ins and outs of their work, love and traveling. The stigma of blonde, anorexic models is changing, and this E! docu-series is the first step to expose today’s women in fashion. The show does a great job of portraying a diverse group of women that are strong, hard workers with a decent amount of drama and money. The show goes into everything people are thinking and never thought they knew about a model’s day-to-day life. Viewers see the workouts that are a part of the job, the castings, the competitive arena and how every model out there wants the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.”

Viewers also get to know the difference between commercial models and high-fashion editorial models. Commercial models do catalogs and magazines and are primarily based in Los Angeles. Editorial and high-fashion models include everything from runways to magazines, and they are often given higher respect and more pay. “Model Squad” focuses mostly on editorial models.

One of the only commercial models, Caroline Lowe, is very vulnerable on this documentary series when she talks about her serious boyfriend, Heath Hutchins, and their future. The 22-year-old model deals with families having different opinions on when they should get married and what time is the right time.

Olivia Culpo is a star on the show, who came into it with one of the most well-known names. She is best known for winning Miss Universe in 2012. She discusses her many jobs in the show and her thoughts on being a more high-profile model. On the season finale, you see Culpo landing the shoot of her dreams working with Sports Illustrated.

If you haven’t binge watched the docu-series yet, you can watch the whole season on E!.


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