Dry Hair, DO Care: How To Keep Your Hair Soft This Winter

IMG_3089 With the weather getting colder, you may be finding that your hair isn’t as soft and touchable as it is during the warmer months. We talked to a stylist from Evolve Studio downtown to find out the best way to keep your hair feeling smooth all winter long.

Whitney Zong, a hair stylist at Evolve Studio, says the first step to winter hair care is to watch how much you’re shampooing your hair. “Most of the stylists here only wash their hair every other day, or even every third day,” Zong says.

She explains that washing your hair every day can be very drying, especially in the winter when your hair is already prone to dryness. As far as shampoo goes, Zong recommends using a clarifying shampoo once a week if you’re finding that your scalp has become dry and flaky.

She also recommends using dry shampoo as an alternative to daily shampooing. “Dry shampoo won’t dry out your hair like regular shampoo does. Shampooing less brings our your natural oils, which is good, but dry shampoo is a great way to absorb them a little bit and keep your hair looking clean,” Zong says. When choosing a conditioner, she recommends Colorproof superrich moisture conditioner, which you can purchase at Evolve.

Hair masks are another great way to keep your hair from getting dry when the weather is cold. Zong recommends using a hair mask for five to 10 minutes one day a week in the shower to keep your hair feeling silky. As far as leave-in products go, hair oils are the perfect way to keep that annoying hair static at bay. One of Zong’s personal favorites is Unite Argan Oil, which you can also purchase at Evolve: “Unite is a luxury hair care line we sell here that is very moisturizing, protects hair color and can be used on any hair type. It will keep your hair moisturized without weighing it down.”

Use all of these great tips, or pick and choose what works with your routine. Either way your tresses will thank you.

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