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With the help of fast fashion, trend cycles are changing faster than we’ve ever seen. Every time we open our feeds there’s a new style practically begging us to click “add to cart.” Whether it be a crochet cover-up, vegan leather pants, or graphic tee staring you down, we know you’ve fallen victim to temptation via your screen. And with every new trend, comes a fast-fashion affordable dupe that probably sealed the deal for you. While these dupes are great for your college budget their manufacturing is extremely harmful to our environment. Luckily second-hand clothing apps, such as Depop, are booming. These apps are providing an environmentally friendly option for shopping and a fast and easy way to make money and clear out your closet. But don’t allow these apps to cause you to forget about the local thrift stores and donation spots in need. Don’t just donate, shop! Most of the trends we’re seeing are recycled anyway, a thrift store may be your holy grail for finding something trendy but not basic.

While it can be tempting to take your hand-me-downs to Depop to make a quick buck, there are plenty of places in our own State College community that are in need of these donations and the support of your patronage. Help VALLEY help our community and donate!

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For the Depop Addict

Plato’s Closet is a great option for those who would still like to make a bit of money in return for their donations. While the payout is most likely less than you’d receive on an app like Depop, this way you get the satisfaction of a donation while still getting a little something in return. However, there isn’t a guarantee they will accept all of your donations since their main focus is “trendy secondhand clothing for teens and young adults.” Plato’s Closet is located at 1526 N Atherton St, State College, PA 16803.

For the Communally Cautious

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store is run by local volunteers and donates the entirety of its earnings to support the people of Centre County in need. They take not just clothing but also household items, musical instruments and just about anything else lying around your dorm room/apartment. Be mindful that they prefer to sell items that are “in season” to best serve their community. If you don’t have clothing or other items to donate you can always donate your time! ​​St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store is located at 1300 Benner Pike, Suite B, State College, PA 16801.

For more than just Clothing Donations

Salvation Army of Centre County is more than just your average thrift store. Salvation Army serves as a social services center that provides a variety of community outreach. Donating here will help them continue these services such as emergency financial assistance, providing school supplies for children, and holiday gifts for struggling families. The Salvation Army of Centre County is located at 2603 East College Avenue, Suite G, State College, PA 16803.

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