DNCE: Your Most Recent Spotify Addition

Posted by DNCE | @dnce

The hit songs of the summer slowly fade away as we approach fall. We all want the summer to stay; however, that is simply impossible in State College. But just because the heat will be leaving us soon doesn’t mean that the summer jams have to!

Joe Jonas’s new band, DNCE, snagged the best new artist award at the VMAs last Sunday and we couldn’t be prouder of their success. “Cake by the Ocean” has been on everyones weekend playlist since its release earlier this year and “Rock Bottom” featuring Hailee Steinfield was the perfect summer jam. 

DNCE is taking the music industry by storm and you’ll be glad you’ve added their songs onto your playlist. DNCE’s EP, ‘Swaay’, features the songs “Toothbrush”, “Jinx” “Pay My Rent”, and their hit song, “Cake by the Ocean”.

If you need a new song to sing along to in the shower, look no further. “Pay My Rent”, will have you bopping your head as you scrub away the dirt from the day. The laid-back vibe of “Jinx” is a great song that will liven up any homework or cleaning session. Add “Toothbrush” to your Friday playlist as you get ready for the night ahead. The beat will have you swaaying back and forth as you serenade your mirror using your contour brush as a mic.

Of course we can’t forget about the song that started it all: “Cake by the Ocean”. This song is versatile and can be put on multiple playlists. If you add it to your gym playlist for that extra boost the chorus will have you flying by that last rep. You can also try adding it to your morning playlist to get you out of bed for that 8am lecture.

Whichever playlist you choose to put it on, you’ll thank Valley for the recommendation after you’re done. And for those who aren’t a DNCE fan, you’ll find yourself humming to the chorus of “Pay My Rent” in no time.

If the music video for “Cake by The Ocean” didn’t interest you in DNCE, then are you even human? It had a giant piece of cake and Joe Jonas on a beach. Who could resist that?