DIY Duo: Spook Up Your Tee

This week’s DIY Duo is a part of 13 Days of Halloween. Valley has a special love for Halloween, so it’s only natural that we want to celebrate early. For the 13 days leading up to Halloween, we’ll be reveling in all of the creepy, spooky and sometimes stylish fun. Join in with our countdown of the 13 Days of Halloween.

This week, DIY is getting a little… scary. It’s Valley’s very own Halloween countdown and we’re taking our project out of Lindsay’s backyard and into the graveyard.

Don’t be too freaked out: skulls and spikes are in.

Skeptical? At least sport the style around most bone-rattling, spook-embracing, tough-girl holiday of the year. And don’t just buy an edgy shirt or accessory, be creative – make your own skull shirt with our simple Halloween enhanced DIY project.

What you need:

1 black button down shirt (denim jackets and other types of shirts would work fine, too)
1 square-foot of fabric or lace
Small metal studs or spikes
Needle & thread (sewing kits are sold at convenience stores both on and off campus)
Hot glue gun

1. Flatten out the lower three quarters of the back of your shirt.

2. Stencil out a skull design of your liking on a piece of paper, then trace the design onto your sheet of fabric. Include eyes, a triangle area for the nose/sinus cavity, tear drops and teeth.
3. Carefully cut out the design.
4. Sew the skull onto the back of the black shirt.
5. Bedazzle with studs or spikes to your liking: around the skull, on the collar, on the cuffs or down the sleeves.
6. If you’re extra inspired, try bleaching the bottom of the shirt for a vintage look. Use a 1:1 ratio of bleach to water and don’t get it on your skin.

Rock your new shirt and get in the spirit. Happy Halloween!

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