DIY Duo: Creative Kitty

Each week, DIY lovers Shaina Stern and Lindsay Lipovich will demonstrate a quick and awesome project to add an extra twist of style to your life. We’ll show you how-to’s to impress your most craft-saavy pals. Get out your glue gun, because here comes the DIY Duo.

Want to save money and match the DIY Duo when you hit the streets tonight? Try making our very own animal ears. We won’t call you a copycat.In the midst of the is-it-Halloweekend-or-not confusion last weekend, you may or may not have already used three (four? more?) costumes. By now, you’re fresh out of ideas and fresh out of cash. And there’s still tonight and all of next weekend.

What You Need:
One headband (we used a leather ribbon)
(Faux) fur fabric
Hot glue gun

1. First, draw triangles (or shape of whatever ears you’re making. Mouse ears would be circles.) on the fur and mesh fabrics. Make sure you have four fur triangles and two mesh triangles.

2. Carefully cut out your design. Make sure the mesh and fabric are the same size.

3. Glue the fur triangles onto both sides of the mesh. Bend the points to your liking.

4. Finally, glue the ears onto your headband, wait for them to dry, put them on and purr.

Voila! …And meow!

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