DIY: Cut-out Canvas

DSC_0029Add a splash of color to your apartment with this easy project!


What you will need:

Any size canvas
Paint of your choice
X-Acto knife
Cutting board


What to do: 

Step 1: Find a large working space to paint your canvas. In the event that you are fresh out of paintbrushes, sponges will also work.


Step 2: Flip the canvas face-down and using a pencil, transfer your pattern of choice onto the canvas. Feel free to use tracing paper or draw free-hand, but be sure the pattern you choose leaves enough space between cut-outs. You certainly do not want any rips or tears in your masterpiece.

Step 3: With a cutting board or stack of magazines underneath, cut along the traced pattern using an X-Acto knife. It’s okay to deviate from your pattern! Do not get frustrated if it does not look exactly like the pattern you traced. No two cut-out canvases are alike.


Step 4: Once you are finished cutting out your pattern, hide any ugly frillies or stringy edging with some clear nail polish. Any unattractive edging will remain stuck down behind the canvas out of sight.

Step 5: Touch up your canvas with paint. Be sure to get inside all the edges you cut and to fix any mess-ups that may have occurred. For patterns that are cut closer together, it is recommended that the canvas is painted first to reduce the strain of painting fragile areas of your art work.


Step 6: Allow ample time for drying and …. Voila! There you have it!

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