Diving Back Into Dating

TeddyWalker.TakeABreake1After a breakup, it isn’t unusual to experience a rebound relationship. If they aren’t named Ben or Jerry, they’re probably just someone you picked up for temporary comfort and nothing more.

But, after a relationship fails to work, when do we know when it’s time to get out of the kiddie pool and dive back into something deeper?

Breakups can become messy when you take thoughtful consideration into account. While it may be easier focus on your own personal happiness, it’s unfair to discount your ex’s. Arguably one of the hardest parts of moving on seems to be avoiding hurting the other person’s feelings. This is where the rules come in.

The Mathematical Approach
Solve for X and wait it out

The Mathematical Approach uses an equation to determine the amount of time that must pass before it’s appropriate to start dating again after a breakup. Simply take the amount of time you were involved in the relationship (measured in months) divided by 2. This will give you the numbers of weeks you must wait before it’s go time again. Extra waiting time may be taken off for miscellaneous offenses.

Example: 10/2=5 (10 months/2 = 5 weeks)
5-2=3  (2 weeks subtracted for cheating)

The Radical Approach

If your theme song is “On To the Next One”, this one’s for you. With zero lag time, the Radical Approach encourages immediate relief. Who has time to wait around when the boy of your dreams could be right under your nose? While this approach may be tempting, be careful not to use it as a means of avoiding your feelings. Leftover emotional baggage can seriously affect relationships stemming from this line of attack.

The Polite Approach
No, no, you go first, I insist

For those of us plagued by the guilt of finding happiness first, the Polite Approach insists on waiting until your ex finds a new partner before you re-enter the dating game. The safest approach, being polite allows opportunities to watch and learn from your ex, observe their new level of standards and prevents you from being named the enemy for getting involved in a new relationship too soon.

Moving on isn’t easy, but tactfully choosing your rebound approach gives hope for the future, making the dive back into dating pool seem as though you never got out in the first place.


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