Diary of a Boring Spring Break

BoringSpringBreakDiary_LaurenJohnson-1Monday, March 10, 2014

It’s been great being home the last few days. Mom’s food has been on-point, my sister hasn’t annoyed me yet, and I got to take at least a thousand pictures with my dog! Yay spring break! I guess it’s cool not having homework and stuff. Sure, as I scroll through my Instagram feed all that I can see are pictures of people twerking in Cancun or getting hipster shots of the ocean in Florida, but hey, that’s okay! I’m not jealous at all. I’ll have a great spring break being right here in my bed with my good friend Netflix, right? I can’t hear the sound of my heartbreak over my delusional laughter. Swell.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The only significant thing that happened today was that I took a bath. It wasn’t just any bath, though. It lasted for about three hours before the water started getting cold. My family thought I fell asleep in there. Maybe I did. Thank God the dog found me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I hit Rock Bottom. I always thought this would happen to me maybe in my 50’s when I spend my life savings on a Corvette or start shouting insane things at passerby’s in the city, but no, it happened to me today. Then again, I also thought the cute Netflix warning was just a myth on Tumblr until it flashed across my screen today. Life surprises you sometimes, I guess. Apparently, 20 hours straight of re-watching Pretty Little Liars warrants genuine attention and concern. Damn you Ezra, you handsome little weasel. Did I just seriously use the term little weasel? I need to go outside.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I finally went outside today! I thought maybe after spending 3 straight days in my cave (er, or bedroom) my boring hometown would look like some exotic, interesting country I’ve never been to before. Instead, it’s even more depressing. I miss my bed already. Anyway, since my best friend is still at college, I decided to catch up with one of my really old high school friends. It involved us attempting to catch up awkwardly over pizza. At least the pizza was good. Is spring break over yet?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Are there stages of Spring Break similar to stages of grief? Today I am just angry. I am angry I’m not in some bikini lying out by somewhere warm. What did I even do all week? I certainly didn’t do homework, even though I brought an insane amount of books home. Excuse me while I just stare at the walls laying on my couch. Maybe If I close my eyes I can imagine being somewhere else. It’s my last day off though, so maybe I should do something fun, or maybe Netflix is mad at me for not giving it enough attention. Oh well, back to the cave. So long, Spring Break fantasy. I’ll miss you every day.

Photo by Lauren Johnson

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