Dakota Johnson’s Casually Cool Closet

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It’s not a revelation to construct a wardrobe around classic staple pieces. To do it effectively, however, is something Dakota Johnson knows all too well. She’s established herself as the “effortless cool girl” by collecting pieces that can be dressed up or down and are easily transitioned to fit the changing seasons.

Her closet is a paradise for anyone who strives to look chic while maintaining the illusion that they aren’t even trying. Unlike a lot of celebrities, Johnson’s look timelessly combines versatility and comfort—plus, it’s attainable without spending big! 

If you want to recreate Dakota Johnson’s enviable style, VALLEY has the necessary basic pieces you need to get started. 

A Classic Tee 

Acquiring well-fitting layering pieces is important for starting your Dakota-Johnson-inspired wardrobe. She’s constantly spotted in basic black and white t-shirts that work well with her other staple pieces. Often, she pairs them with fitted denim and a blazer to add sophistication while remaining comfortable. To tailor this item for you, try out different fits and necklines that flatter your body best. 

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Vintage Band Tee

After finding your perfect comfy t-shirt, head to the thrift and search for some old band tees. Johnson looks like the queen of cool whenever she’s photographed in an old Springsteen shirt or a Led Zeppelin top—her adorable dog’s namesake. If you’re not on board with the musically inspired attire, opt for any sort of unique graphic tee that suits your taste. Distressed, slightly worn shirts can offer a great casual effect to your ensemble.

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Blazers are a major component of Johnson’s style, both as pieces in her everyday streetwear and her press tour fashion. An iconic outfit of hers from her Architectural Digest video combines a classic white tee with an oversized navy blazer. While this combo seems basic, its simplicity is what makes it perfect. Years from now, her outfit will remain in style despite that year’s current trends. A great place to get oversized blazers is thrift stores, however, investing in a new one is never a bad idea. The versatility and durability of a good blazer will serve you well even as your fashion sense evolves. 

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Tailored Pants and Perfect Denim

Johnson owns a plethora of tailored, slouchy dress pants that can be dressed up for a business casual look or dressed down with a graphic tee for a day of running errands. In both cases, finding a pair of slacks that fits your body well is key. Similarly, Johnson rocks a ton of great jeans. Some of her tried and true favorites include Levi’s ribcage jeans and 501s. 

Classic Shoes

Loafers are making a comeback, but Dakota Johnson has been sporting the classic shoe for years now. A good loafer can elevate a pair of jeans or dress up a flowing skirt. While Johnson favors Gucci’s version, you can find variations for a fraction of the price online. 

Black or white Converse are also a must for a casual yet stylish upgrade to almost any outfit Johnson dons. When the situation calls for it, she’s also a fan of Doc Marten’s leather boots. If you’re interested in purchasing shoes that have withstood the test of time, these three options are your best bet—take it from Dakota. 

Incorporating a few essential pieces can help you create a type of wardrobe that lives on even when trends fade. As you cultivate your own effortless style, remember that Dakota Johnson’s closet would not work without ease and comfort.

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