Curbing Your Coffee Cravings

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With all of the sleepless nights studying and early morning alarms for class that college life brings, many students turn to what they think is the only remedy for their low energy — coffee. We wanted to know, is coffee really the only cure?

It’s no secret that coffee can have a negative impact on our health, especially with its addictive qualities. For this reason, VALLEY is here to share some alternative options to curb those coffee cravings. Whether you intend to slightly decrease your coffee intake or cut it out completely, we’ve got you covered with these tips.

Switch to Decaf

For some, coffee is their necessary kick of energy. Others enjoy coffee for the taste alone. If you identify with the latter, you might want to consider switching to decaf. It has that same rich coffee taste without the jittery side effects of caffeinated coffee—shaky hands, lack of sleep and increased heart rate. Even better, decaf coffee still carries most of the benefits of regular coffee, such as lowering cancer risk and better cognitive function.

Find a New Energy Source
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If you’re on the other side of the coffee spectrum and can’t function without your caffeinated energy supply, there are other ways to get your fix. Nowadays, energy drinks are sweeping the beverage industry with new brands coming out with different flavors and features all the time. One drink that has caused quite the stir in recent years is Celsius.

The zero-sugar energy drink provides more caffeine than a cup of coffee, but the key vitamins and low sodium make a cup of coffee pale in comparison to a can of Celsius.

Start Your Day with a Cup of Greens
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Another great alternative is the popularized drink, matcha. The matcha leaves provide plenty of antioxidants and nutrients to aid your bodily processes. We can’t guarantee the taste is for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new way to get some caffeine in, matcha may be something to try.

Moderation is Key

Cutting out coffee completely is not always the right choice for everyone. After all, it has its health benefits. For this reason, we suggest avid coffee drinkers slowly phase out the drink from their routine or simply moderate their consumption. Caffeine withdrawal may occur, but experts do not consider caffeine dependence an addiction, so the feelings should only last for a few days.

We know that curbing your coffee cravings is not the easiest feat. However, we know that if you try at least one of these switches to your routine, you’re sure to see great results!


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