Cozy & Romantic Date Night Ideas

DatesForIndoors_LaurenJohnsonReuniting with your sweetheart after a long semester apart, but bored of the typical couch potato movie night? Try these new ideas to mix up your love life this holiday season!


Cook Together

Even if you’re no expert chef, finding a recipe and making each other a nice meal can be both romantic and fun. Putting in the effort to do something out of the ordinary—with a delicious result—will give you a different perspective on a date night. You not only get the experience of eating food together, which is typical for couples who have been together for a while, but also the excitement of picking out the recipes, working together to make the food, and in general working on something you can both enjoy together. You’re actively engaging in one another instead of just staring at the TV: something we can all appreciate in today’s technology-centric dating world.

Host a Creative Party

Though it’s not your typical date night, a way to mix things up and not be the exclusive, illusive couple that never hangs out with friends, is to host a party. Make it a themed party—say a favorite movies party or even a holiday party—in which everyone has to dress up to the theme, and you all spend time together playing games and really interacting. This way, you host an event as a couple—even though it’s a low pressure event with friends—and you spend time as a couple in a group, so you can learn to divide your attention among your friends and your significant other.

Enjoy the Season

Just because we’ve gotten older, doesn’t mean we’ve gotten old. How long has it been since you’ve gone sledding or ice skating, or drank hot chocolate after playing in the snow? Instead of avoiding the cold, embrace it and play outside with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Without any distractions, you can enjoy the fun of actively doing something together that you used to do as children. Plus, you’re spending real, quality time together and making the most of the holidays instead of sitting inside being scrooges!

Photo by Lauren Johnson

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