Count Your Blessings, Not Your Calories.

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*TW: This article discusses eating habits, calories and information surrounding disordered eating*

Like most of 2020, the holiday season is a little different this year. Regardless of the smaller gatherings and less traveling, we can expect an abundance of food.

Cooking and baking around the holidays can be a fun, memorable family tradition, but for some people, this time of year can be extremely challenging. The constant calculating of calories can take away from enjoying the holiday spirit.

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Whether you’re currently experiencing weight loss or weight gain, the food aspect of the holidays can be taxing and difficult. You’ll probably see that aunt of yours who will comment on your physical appearance (maybe not this year though thanks to the pandemic) and while she probably means no harm, it still hurts a little.

For many of us students, “home” is a drive, if not a plane ride, away. Coming home for the holidays is portrayed in movies as a joyous, celebratory event that is filled with warm fuzzy feelings of love.

However, this is not always the case. Especially this year, with remote finals, many can’t exactly relax in between Thanksgiving and winter break. During the stress of finals, health and well-being come second to getting that 4.0.

If your weight has fluctuated this year, you are not alone. Yale medicine says, “In fact, COVID-19 has created a perfect storm for people who struggle with weight.” We lost all routine and stability in life, so don’t be too critical of yourself.

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Instead, use the holidays as a time to appreciate all that you are fortunate to have. Spend time with family or friends (in safe numbers), make some weird pandemic holiday tradition and try your best to love yourself as much as you love your loved ones. Lots of love.

You deserve one day of just enjoying the spirit of the holidays without letting society’s views get to your head.

Everyone has a unique relationship with their body, which means everyone has a unique relationship with food. You can have every dessert on the table or treat yourself to a cookie, whatever you’re comfortable with. Remind yourself that each new day is an opportunity to better yourself and you don’t need a silly New Year’s resolution.


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