Complaining about Finals on Social Media

Zucker_stressingfinalsThe computer labs are full and you can’t find a comfy seat in the library if your life depended on it. Your hands are cramped, you haven’t showered in two days, and you can’t remember the last nutritious meal you had – all the symptoms of finals week in college.  For some people finals are the worst week of the semester and for others they’re nothing special. Through all of this, one thing remains obvious: no one likes finals week.

We all take study breaks and one of the most common ways to distract yourself from that outline you haven’t really been writing is a quick social media update. You scroll through Instagram, skim over your Facebook feed, and read through all the tweets that have been published since your last study break 20 minutes ago, and you’ll start to notice something. All of the tweets on your timeline blur into one, and for the people who still bother to post Facebook statuses things are looking grim. All of your social networking friends are complaining about their workload this week and its getting pretty old.

Every college student is buried underneath a pile of papers and ridiculous cumulative exams during finals week, and social media is meant to be a distraction from work – not a reminder of everything you haven’t done yet. Tweeting about the three finals you have in the next 24 hours or the two papers you have yet to even start is unnecessary. Your followers don’t care that you spent the last seven hours in the library with nothing but coffee to fuel your study session.  These posts are not interesting or even close to being news. No one cares about your workload but you, so keep your whiny tweets to yourself this week.

On the other side of this spectrum are the people who decide to share that they have no homework assigned while everyone else is slaving away. If you’re one of the people lucky enough to have a light or nonexistent workload during finals week, please keep it to yourself. It is easier to make it through the week without worrying about other people’s problems so my best advice is to avoid social networking until your finals are complete.

Photo by Ashley Zucker


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