College Crisis: When Subletting Turns War Zone

Mannno.CollegeCrisis2Studying abroad is a tremendous and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Although I am not studying abroad, I watched my two roommates try all fall semester to find subletters, which is a hard process. Fortunately for them, they each found a girl to live with my roommate and I this semester. It’s been two weeks since they moved in and… it wasn’t friendship at first sight.

Watching my two new apartment-mates meet was somewhat reminiscent of the first day of freshman year. It’s nerve-racking, exciting and scary. Ever since the first day, it’s been interesting to watch the interaction and environment change. Let’s just say they aren’t best friends, and my roommate and I are on the sidelines playing referee.

Having a roommate is hard and if you’re lucky you’ll be find your roommate soul mate. So, here are some tips to surviving a not so ideal situation:

First, remove yourself from any drama. The last thing you want to do is take sides and gang up on a roommate.

Establish common ground rules so everyone feels comfortable in your apartment. Tense friction does not provide good Zen and karma for living.

If you’re experiencing the same situation as me or this is relevant roommate advice to yourself, just remember to always feel comfortable where you live. To quote Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ, “there is no place like home”, so try to make the best out of every situation even if it is difficult!

Photo by Gabby Mannino

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