Chloe Lukasiak Confirms Dating Brooklinn Khoury

Photo posted by @chloelukasiak on Instagram

Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak announced her new relationship with skateboarder Brooklinn Khoury. People close to Lukasiak exclusively confirmed their relationship to E! News first, also revealing that “this is not a new relationship.” No one knows how long they’ve been together but the two have been engaged in social media with one another for quite some time.

The same source told E! News that Lukasiak is in a comfortable position to share her new relationship with the public, which can be seen through social media as the couple posted new pictures with one another.

Photo posted by @chloelukasiak on Instagram
Photo posted by @chloelukasiak on Instagram

Lukasiak posted the two images above onto Instagram captioning the side-by-side pictures with a black heart emoji. Khoury posted the same image captioning it by saying, “My favorite human.”

The duo received supportive comments from old “Dance Moms” stars such as Maddie Ziegler who wrote “Love you guys,” and sister Kenzie Ziegler added, “My favorites.”

Brooklinn Khoury

Despite the new relationship, fans noticed that Khoury wears a particular bandage upon her face. Khoury was injured during a dog attack by a pit bull after visiting her family in Arizona which ended up severely damaging her facial features. The dog tore off her upper lip and a portion of her nose as well. She took to her Instagram to tell her story behind it all in November 2020.

Photo posted by @brookhoury on Instagram

Khoury did not post any pictures showing her clear face until January 2021, when she posted on Instagram about her face surgery, revealing underneath the facial bandage covering. Khoury posted a video on YouTube explaining what happened and giving more information to her fans and the public.

Photo posted by @brookhoury on Instagram

Ever since revealing their new relationship, the pair have not posted much more. The only other social media post was Khoury’s Oct. 15 Instagram carousel post captioned, “Hugs mean everything to me. Especially when it’s from the ones you love,” with the first picture being her and Lukasiak walking with their arms around each other from behind. The remainder of the slides that followed were Khoury hugging other influential people to her.

Lukasiak and Khoury being vulnerable and open to the public about not only their relationship, but also their own struggles, has been very motivational to fans and the public, as typically showing negative parts of life for celebrities and influncers isn’t highlighted.

Are you excited to see how Lukasiak and Khoury’s relationship progresses? Or waiting nearby for their next post? Tell us your thoughts, @VALLEYmag, on Twitter!

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