California Mandates Vaccines State-Wide K-12

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The disagreement among different states, countries and individuals continues about what the right solution to going back to school or work is. There is a lot of pressure on state officials and those in political positions to make calls they see fit.

California is a state that just decided to make its own decision. They have become the first state to make vaccines mandated for children twelve years and up. Although not many people may know why this is important, it is quite a big step in the COVID-19 situation this year and trying to decide the best way to send children back to school. Even though many people are anti-vaccine and will refuse to follow this protocol, they still decided to make this decision.

More specifically, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the mandate on Oct. 1. It was inspired by the fact that many large school districts within California had already made the call to mandate the vaccine. Although it may seem pressing, this will not go into effect until after the FDA fully approves it to be safe for children twelve and up. This also will require the in-person workers within the schools to get their vaccines, like the teachers, counselors and janitors. If they don’t, it could potentially cost them their jobs, because getting tested every week will not be enough for the schools to allow them to keep working.

If a child or their family refuses the vaccine for them, there is one alternate option which is called an independent study. This essentially must be an option due to the continuing protests and fear of the vaccine coming from citizens, even Californians.

Although no other states in America have mandated vaccines for children in schools, separate districts have been making the call themselves. One district, called Shaker Heights in Ohio, mandated it for early November. The local school district to Penn State, State College Area School District, just made masks required for everyone.

States such as Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming are actually trying to start a lawsuit against the Biden administration to fight further vaccinations and other techniques to fight COVID-19 in his Path Out of the Pandemic plan.

Even two years into the pandemic, it is hard for many to decide on what the best plan is for staying safe. Many continue the urge to promote smart and healthy decisions including getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of the ongoing virus.


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