BlueWhiteTV, the new Netflix for Penn Staters

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Looking for your next show to binge watch? Students at Penn State now have access to their own personal network of shows online that they can watch for free.

BlueWhiteTV, Penn State’s newest online programming network, provides students with the opportunity to watch programs made specifically for them at absolutely no cost.

Calling it “Netflix for Penn Staters,” BlueWhiteTV’s co-owner Kelly Green Porterfield sat down with Valley to talk about the new site.

“We’re basically an on-demand programming network. Like a cross between a website and a TV station,” Porterfield said.

Released at the beginning of September, BlueWhiteTV provides students with the opportunity to watch and produce content specifically for Penn Staters.

“We have programming that is created by students for students,” Porterfield said. “But we also want to have a more broad reach, appealing to alumni and fans as well.”

With programs like “The Obligatory Pregame Show,” which is released before every game, BlueWhiteTV is doing just that. With the ability to tune in from your computer, students and alumni alike are able to keep in touch with Penn State through the site.

Kelly and her husband Eric partnered with Penn State alumna Mike Hendrickson to create the network, which is free for students and $10.99 a year for everyone else. After starting work on the project over two years ago, the three finally released BlueWhiteTV to the public this month.

“Penn State has the largest active alumni association in the country. They want to stay connected to Penn State, and there’s really no way to do it other than coming back for football games. So this is a way to do it,” Porterfield said. “There’s a huge gap in what Penn State offers people who are students and people who don’t live here. It’s very limited, if anything.”

With a team of student interns, Porterfield explained that there are many more student-produced programs to come, including several small game shows that they plan to release soon. Listing ideas such as a “60 second game show,” where students are asked to answer questions or participate in games on the streets of state college. Porterfield said these would be short, entertaining clips available for students to watch on BlueWhiteTV.

“It’s Napoleon Dynamite meets the Onion meets Viceland,” Porterfield said to describe the type of content that will be on the network. “We want to be something that you can come back to every day and find something different or new and funny…there’s something on there for everybody.”

If this isn’t reason enough to sign up for BlueWhiteTV, there’s more! In the wake of their release, the network is holding all different types of contests and events for new members, making this the perfect time to sign up.

Not only is the network free for students, but by signing up now, you could actually win tickets to see Kanye West. Any student that signs up for Blue White TV between now and September 23 will be entered to win tickets to the concert. Who knows, maybe you will love Blue White TV more than Kanye loves Kanye.

They will also be holding an event this Friday, September 16 from 5-7 p.m. at the BlueWhiteTV office at 201 E. Beaver Ave. Mike the Mailman will be there to meet, chat and take photos with students at the office. Students are invited to stop by to meet Mike and sign up for a free membership while they’re there!

Former Dallas Cowboy, Washington Redskin, and Penn State great, Brandon Noble will also be present at the event to sign autographs. The first 100 people to purchase a DVD of one of BlueWhiteTV’s films will get an “Honor Joe” magnet personalized and signed by Noble.

Finally, BlueWhiteTV is offering a $300 prize to the club or organization that produces and submits the video to their network and gets the most views. Any organization can make a video and they will post it.

With all of these opportunities at absolutely no cost, any student looking to binge watch a new show or enter to win tickets to see Kanye West, should visit and check out Penn State’s newest on-demand programing network.

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