Blue and White Weekend Workout

Posted by Penn State University | @pennstate

Blue and white weekend marks the end of the year, while also reminding us that football season is only a few months away. Just for the weekend, we students and alumni get to retreat back to old ways and pull out our football jerseys, cornhole and coolers. We get to indulge in tailgating habits, including sampling every snack that tailgates have to offer

In case you’re feeling guilty about all those extra tailgating calories, Valley has the perfect workout tailored to your Blue and White weekend.

  • If you started tailgating before 10a.m., do 15 squats
  • For every game of cornhole you played, do 20 situps
  • For every beer you drank, do 10 jumping jacks
  • If you played stump, do 15 pushups
  • If you didn’t go into the game, do 10 burpees
  • For every time you stood on a porta potty line, do a wall sit for 1 minute
  • If you crashed a tailgate, 20 lunges
  • For every hotdog you ate, 1-minute plank
  • If you made it out Saturday night, take a nap

With summer just a few weeks away, this workout is the perfect way to prepare for the beach. And just remember, the closer we are to summer, the closer we get to fall tailgates.