Being Your Own #WCW: A Guide to Confidence

Confidence is not something that comes easy to all of us. In this college environment, we are constantly bogged down by difficult classes, social pressures and overall stress that threatens our self-image and the way feel feel about ourselves every single day. Through it all, it’s easy to feel lost or unworthy of the good things that come our way. With that in mind, Valley has put together some tips on how to boost your confidence and be happy with who you are.

Get to Know Yourself

You might be thinking, “What do you mean? I already know who I am.” But, do you? When asked to describe who we are, we often define ourselves by a major or hobby rather than the strengths and weaknesses we possess. Figure out what makes you happy, or what picks you up on those rough days. Know what it means to be at your best and discover what you mean to other people. This is the foundation of confidence.

Recognize the Small Things

Not every good thing in your life needs to be a grand accomplishment in order to be rewarded. Whether it’s passing that difficult exam with a B or simply getting out of bed in the morning after a rough week, you deserve a pat on the back for the simpler things. It’s good to be focused and know what goals you’re after, but during the times where you do fall short, look back and pick out the things you can be pleased with. Seeing the positives through all of the difficult moments equips you with perseverance for the future.

Don’t Make Comparisons

It’s easy to spend your free time scrolling through Instagram, seeing others post pictures with friends doing fun things and wearing clothes you think you could never pull off. But, comparing yourself to others is one of the most toxic things for your self-esteem. You aren’t like anyone else out there, and that’s a great thing. It’s important to recognize that everything about you is unique. Embrace your own style and personality rather than trying to emulate what others have. People should like you for you, not for who you’re pretending to be. You’ll feel better about yourself when you realize you’re the only one who can be you.

Don’t Brush Aside Praise

A compliment on your outfit from a stranger, or your friend telling you how much they admire you often elicits a hesitant response. We are quick to deny any form a praise that comes our way, but a simple “thank you” with just a bit of acceptance can make you feel more confident. Don’t deny the positive things others see in you. Even better? Compliment others, too. The simple act of saying something nice about someone else is proven to make both people feel good.

Confidence doesn’t come overnight. In fact, it’s a life-long journey where we’ll learn new things along the way. But, by putting your mind on the right path, you can become a more self-assured person who is proud of themselves for all the right reasons.