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Sabine_beautyshot3Seeing the number of people coughing and sneezing around campus can be enough to make your skin crawl. Fitting in the necessary nutrients to keep the germs at bay can be tough, but you can pack a lot of nutrition into a glass to keep moving and shaking through the day (and even the night).

Energizer Bunny

Sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Equal parts carrot, apple and orange juice

Carrots are loaded with vitamins and can keep skin looking hydrated and healthy in these dryer, colder months. Pairing carrots with immune-supporting oranges makes a powerful germ-fighting duo. Kick it up a notch using a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to help clear congestion and add an extra oomph to your immune system.

Iron Woman

¼ kale/spinach juice
Equal parts apple, banana and mango juices

Spinach and kale are two heart-healthy veggies that are packed with loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cut some of the bitterness with vitamin C-packed mangoes and an apple thrown in to keep the doctor away.

Lemonade Cleanse

Equal parts grapefruit and lemon juices
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Teaspoon of ginger
Add honey to taste

Cinnamon and ginger are old school remedies for anything from tummy troubles to immune-boosting. Add that spicy kick to the citrus fruits for that nutritional powerhouse vitamin C and you’re on your way to clearer skin and germ warfare.

Whether you want a twist on daily juice drinks, new smoothie combos or a refreshing way to end your day, these recipes can be tailored to your tastes. Adding yogurt, your favorite fruits and veggies or even a scoop of protein powder can help you stay hydrated, healthy and ready to finish out the semester strong.

Photo by Sabine Clermont


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