Beauty is Pain

Girls will go to great lengths to maintain a flawless appearance. Just think about how much makeup, hair gel and body scrub it takes to attain the famous “I just rolled out of bed and look absolutely sexy” look.

Every girl knows the immense effort that goes into a daily beauty routine. Let’s face it. It just isn’t easy being beautiful!

Beauty is time consuming, it’s costly, and most importantly: beauty is pain.

We asked some of Valley’s talented staff what the most painful part of their beauty regimen is. This is what they said:

•       “High heels are the most painful part of presentation, but I continue to wear them for the sake of how my legs and butt look in them. Heels are like a substitute for someone like me who is too lazy to do squats.” Alyssa Sweeny

•       “I’d say the worst part is plucking my eyebrows, but also just in general shaving is such a pain in the butt.  If my legs are dry, especially now that the weather is changing, then I get major razor burn.  It’s definitely not attractive and it stings!” Kiersten Ferno


•       “One time I went to go get an eyebrow wax and they completely burned my skin above and below my eyebrows. The skin turned bright red and became scaly and peeled.” Becca Bryden

•       “I get a facial once every month or so, and when I go, my face is buffed and cleaned several different ways. But the most painful would probably be when my facialist cleans out deep dirt from my pores with a needle. It’s tiny but it feels like someone sticks a medical syringe into your face and then squeezes it out incredibly slowly. I continue to do it because I know its bettering my skin. I undergo the pain to better the health of my skin and make me look and feel better as a whole.” Alyssa Cornell-Blanco

•       “One thing I love to do is curl my hair because all my life I have had pin straight blonde hair. I just bought my first curling iron over winter break, but being a ‘dumb blonde’ I burn myself every time. However, I continue to curl my hair because it makes me feel and look fabulous. Beauty is pain right?”  Erica Kasan

Photo by Ian Lopera.

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