Beauty Hacks to Beat Your Hangover

Photo by Doris Xiao

We’ve all been there: Indigo’s $1 Long Islands got the best of you and now it’s time for Friday’s 8 a.m. attendance-based lecture. There’s no shot (no pun intended) you’re waking up in time for a full glam routine, but that doesn’t mean you have to show up for class looking just as hungover as you feel. Here at Valley, we’ve put together our best beauty hacks for beating the appearance of a hangover. Follow these five easy steps below and remember: when you look good, you feel good (or maybe slightly less nauseous).

Step 1: Erase The Evidence

You might not be able to get the Primanti Brothers’ stamp off of your hand by morning, but you can easily wipe last night’s smokey eye away. For a quick and thorough cleanse try micellar water, a lazy girl-approved method for taking off makeup quickly and easily. Using one to three cotton pads, swipe a generous amount of micellar water (such as this one by Garnier Fructis) over your entire face and eyes; no rinse or additional cleansing needed!

Step 2: Look Alive

Puffy red eyes are a dead giveaway you weren’t in bed at a decent hour last night (in your defense, you could have been at the library.) You can quickly alleviate swollen under-eyes by using an eye cream that contains caffeine and Vitamin C. Our favorite is one by Garnier Fructis that comes in the form of a roller ball for extra de-puffing action. Pro tip: keep this guy in the fridge for an enhanced cooling effect. For bloodshot eyes try drops that not only stop redness but refresh tired eyes with a cooling (not painful) punch. Our favorite is a formula by Rohtos and can be found at local drugstores.

Step 3: Conceal What You Feel

What are the chances Elsa was talking about hangovers when she said, “conceal, don’t feel?” Okay, probably not good, but her mantra still definitely applies here. Though we can’t stop you from feeling your hangover, there are some easy steps we suggest for concealing the damage it’s done. Eliminate an extra step in your rushed routine by using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. It’s not a full face of coverage, but it’ll hydrate your thirsty complexion while providing light coverage and a glow all in one. We suggest this one by Origins which contains mangosteen, an antioxidant known for energizing skin. You can further conceal dark circles or blemishes with your favorite lightweight concealer (one of our favorites is by Urban Decay.)

Step 4: Glow Up

Take an extra minute to glow up your tired complexion with your favorite highlighter such as this one by Mac Cosmetics. By swiping some natural-looking shimmer along your cheekbones and dotting a small amount in the inner corners of your eyes, you can fool others into thinking you’re way more awake than you actually are. It’s a quick extra step that’ll make a noticeable difference.

Step 5: Recycle Last Night’s ‘Do

Get away with last night’s hair by using one of our all-time favorite beauty hacks: dry shampoo. Simply spray a small amount on your roots where natural oils generally collect first. The spray absorbs excess oil to prevent your tresses from appearing greasy and just like that, you’ve faked a shower – with your hair, that is. Please don’t skip deodorant. You can quickly brush out from here and style into a messy bun or braid. Dry shampoo is a staple every girl should have in their beauty arsenal. Our favorite is by Batiste and can be found downtown at Urban Outfitters.

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Valley does not support underage drinking, and remember to always drink responsibly!