Bananas for Bandanas

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

VALLEY likes to believe that a childhood isn’t complete unless you, at one point, wore a bandana, most likely red, wrapped around the top of your head to cover your hair. No matter how you wore it, we’re sure you definitely rocked it.

Along with that classic bandana look, we’ve compiled four looks that can bring the bandana back into any modern summer outfit (or any season of your choice). We love that classic look, but if you’re looking for an updated way to wear a bandana, you’ve come to the right place!


Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

If you’re hesitant about straying too far from the classic bandana look, try wearing a bandana as a headband. It may seem really simple, but a bandana headband can really add to any kind of outfit. Whether you’re trying to add a simple accessory to a more casual outfit or trying to spice up something dressier and fun, a bandana headband is perfect for both!


Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

If you’re feeling adventurous, try wearing a bandana as a shirt! It’s a cute alternative to a simple crop top, especially because it adds a fancy touch when paired with jeans and an awesome jacket. VALLEY hasn’t found any bandanas without a pattern yet, so you’re guaranteed to add a colorful, patterned touch to any outfit if you wear one as a shirt.

This look is slightly harder to pull off because most bandanas aren’t big enough to completely cover your torso, but if you’re lucky, you might have one that works! If not, it’s also cute to wear two bandanas tied together (the sides are the best place to tie them) or to try and safety pin the back.


Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

If you’re looking for a cute alternative to a classic brown or black belt, try tying a few bandanas together and wearing them as a belt instead. We styled two white bandanas with a white shirt to create a matchy-matchy look, but you can absolutely wear bandanas that differ in colors from each other, as well as your top. Feel free to rock it either way.


Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

Last but certainly not least, you can spice up any outfit by wearing a bandana as a scarf. This style has been super trendy recently and looks absolutely amazing. It’s super versatile too! You can wear this style to festivals, around town, or out for the night, and it looks cute no matter what.

Style it with a cute fiddler’s hat, like we did, or with a cute V-neck t-shirt! The options really are endless.

As an added bonus, you can also match your pet!

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta


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