Ask the Staff: What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?

We asked some of our editorial staffers to share their favorite Turkey Day traditions, and they served up some heart-warming, tummy-grumbling good memories that any Penn Stater can relate to over this holiday break. 

“I have always loved waking up and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Even as a 22-year-old, I’m excited to see Santa Claus on his float!” – Jessica Gottschalk, design director

“My Thanksgiving habit has been consistent since I can remember — deciding on a favorite fall outfit that I can also eat a lot of food in. A-line dresses have proven to always be on my, and my food baby’s, side. Mmm, stuffing and cranberry sauce.”  – Elysia Mann, fashion editor

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is helping my mom prepare the turkey and all of the different side dishes. My favorite things to help her make are the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. So yummy!” – Rachel Yamin, staff writer

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is pretty common: a huge family dinner. It’s the one time out of the year when my mom cooks all of the food. It’s probably the only time we ever use the dining room, too.” – Lauren Byerly, graphic designer

“I love spending the afternoon lying in a hammock, snacking on leftover ham and reading an entire stack of magazines at my family’s beach house in North Carolina.” – Noelle Mateer, staff writer

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition takes the form of a visiting friend. His name is Michael and he visits every year from New Jersey. Mike has been a friend of the family since before I was born and always stays at my Uncle Paul’s house with my uncle, aunt and three cousins, who I consider to be more like brothers. Mike is the happiest, most kind person I’ve had the pleasure to know. He is always laughing and helping out in any way he can. Although Michael is mentally challenged due to an abusive childhood, he always manages to find the good in people and continues to be a source of motivation for selflessness for my family and I. Mike is what makes my Thanksgivings so special.” – Ian Lopera, photographer

“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is helping my family cook two Thanksgiving feasts: one for us, and one for our local firemen. My uncle, who is a local fireman, and his coworkers sacrifice traditional holidays with their families to protect our city (and none of them can cook well!), so each year we thank them by providing a hearty meal.” – Lindsay Carolla, staff writer

 So, what’s your Thanksgiving tradition?

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