April Fools’ Pranks

Happy April Fools’ Day! What better way to celebrate the (hopefully) actual beginning of spring in Happy Valley than by pranking some of your loved ones?

Valley has rounded up some of the best (harmless) pranks that you can surprise a few people with.

1. Place saran wrap on the toilet seat and just wait for that shout of surprise when someone attempts to use it.

2. Replace the orange juice with the powdered mac and cheese mixtures.

3. Put clear nail polish on bar soap and watch as your friends struggle in frustration

4. Get some cheap, clear, alcohol. Pour it down the drain and refill with some water. See who still ends up wasted that night.

5. Peel an onion and proceed to dip it into caramel sauce, fashioning it into a “caramel apple.” Hand to a friend or roommate as a “sweet treat.”

6. For anyone with a shower head that can unscrew: you can put a cube of chicken bouillon in it and proceed to listen to your roommate shriek in disgust as salty, chicken flavored water flows through, disrupting their watery sanctuary.

7. This one’s silly and cute: Place a “big brother is watching” sticky on your fridge and proceed to draw smiley faces on every container in the fridge. Bonus points if your have a mooching roommate that you need to get the point across to….

8. Bring in a box from Dunkin Donuts into class — fill the entire inside with a platter of vegetables. Listen to the groans of agony.

9. Dismantle Oreos, scrape off the icing inside and proceed to replace it with toothpaste. Lay out for victims.

10. Place an airhorn behind your front door and watch everyone jump when they attempt to come into your apartment.

Have fun this April’s Fools and let us know which pranks you used on social media @ValleyMag.

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