Angel Numbers Everywhere

photo by Katelyn Lenz

Coincidence — the universe’s way of telling you you are on the right path. This belief has led VALLEY to believe in little signs that can be found everywhere — one of them being angel numbers. Angel numbers have become a world phenomenon that has shaped our society into one that believes in the powers of manifestation and is guided by signs. 

Normally, angel numbers come in repeated patterns such as 777 or 999 and so on. The meaning behind each repeated number is different, so each time you see a sequence of them, it could be signaling what you need in that moment.

Angel numbers can be found anywhere — especially around Penn State’s campus and downtown State College. It is easy to overlook the way the universe is trying to speak to you even when it can be right in front of you. Student life is always active doing the various amount of options in activities whether it be studying or grabbing a bite to eat. This is why VALLEY has found some areas to point out to emphasize coincidences in angel numbers that you may have overlooked that you might have needed to hear for guidance at one point in time. 

Photo by Katelyn Lenz

The repeating numbers 111 hold significant meaning with your intuition. It is a sign to trust your gut while listening to your heart. This specific set of numbers can be found in two locations on-campus and downtown, right next to Roots Natural Kitchen. Sometimes, the line can be extremely long to the point where you have to wait outside, but if you take a look around, your eyes might land on the huge 111 outside of Penn Towers apartments. It also is in the address location for College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State — 111 Sparks Building — to be exact.

Photo by Katelyn Lenz

This angel number can be spotted on the apartment building entrance attached to Harper’s in Downtown State College. It means you are in alignment with yourself — right place, right time. So next time you are taking a stroll down College Avenue, think to yourself about what led you where you are today. Whether that be based on the day’s significant events or choosing to come to Penn State University, it is wholesome to remember how you got to where you are now.


This may not be a direct location, but it is a reminder that within your daily activities like coffee runs or schoolwork, angel numbers can still be found. Penn State student, Julia Gambino shared her encounter angel numbers while she was just checking up on her emails one day. The meaning of 444 is protection in which your angel guides, as well as the universe, trying to protect you. So, next time check on your deli order number or simply your notification buttons because anything can be taken as a sign.

Photo posted by @jordancenter on Instagram

While 555 may not be in the address of the Bryce Jordan Center, it is in the phone number. It signifies change and that something new is coming. What can be more new than the different live events held in the Jordan Center? From concerts to basketball games, it is truly always changing the atmosphere on campus.

Just because these are the angel numbers VALLEY ran into this week does not mean they are the only ones around. Everyone has a different purpose here, which requires every single person to have their own unique needs. The universe’s signs for you will come to you in different numbers when you need them — just keep an eye out! 

Have you spotted any angel numbers on campus or in Downtown State College? DM us on Instagram, @VALLEYMag, and let us know!


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