An Open Letter to the Last Canning Weekend

Posted by SASA@PSU | @sasa_psu

You are a tradition at Penn State that is coming to an end. You are a way to fundraise, get away from your home-away-from-home and be taken to a new town with new people. You are a way to get to know people outside of hectic class schedules, late nights and Penn State drama. 

When Valley heard that you would be our last, it was disappointing, however, we understood. We were grateful we got to have one of you instead of none of you.

The packing when Friday afternoon comes gets us excited. The road trip music on our way there with our best friends is priceless. The friendships that blossom throughout you is like no other. By the time our family for the weekend has a home-made breakfast on the table we feel energized and ready to fundraise for the kids.

The day is long but a type of thrill like no other. You make us meet people, you make us want to be friendly and talk to people that we never would have met without you. The hours go on but your purpose stays with us. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides celebrating you and everything that you do.

“If I had to describe canning in one word it would be empowering because it is truly amazing knowing you are a part of something bigger than yourself throughout the weekend,” said Alexis Krasas, primary THON chair for Sigma Kappa.

Valley loves the warmth you give us. The drive to do better and be better. The laughs that we have with random alumni we see walking by or with people in our organization whom we had never talked to before.

“Canning is only one source of fundraising for THON. The millions of dollars we raise each year comes from thousands of fundraising efforts. This year we will be focusing on alternative fundraisers, corporate and alumni donations to continue to help our little heroes fight pediatric cancer in pursuit of a cure,” said Krasas.

THON’s cause makes us believe in what we do. Why ‘WE ARE.’ Why we are walking, screaming, standing: for the kids. It makes the weekend in February, meeting the kids, standing, singing, screaming, for all the kids. To see that total and know that you were a part of it makes Valley weep at THON.

Canning weekends, Valley and Penn State will miss you.

The rest of the THON events continue through out the fall semester such as the THON5k on Oct. 15, the 100 Days ‘til THON on Nov. 8 and the Family Carnival on Dec. 3.