All This and All That: Denim Edition

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VALLEY will always love and never leave denim, especially with the part that it is has played in the takeover of vintage streetwear throughout the internet over the past few months. Here, VALLEY will provide you with all things denim to keep up this fall season.


Baggy, oversized jeans have taken over the trends of this fall, and we will absolutely embrace it. Beginning with a universal favorite, these Levi’s 501 jeans not only provide the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes in their men’s and women’s collections but are part of their sustainable brand—supporting Levi’s goal to utilize more sustainable materials and processes to create their infamous denim. The 501 collection, along with the entirety of the Levi brand, provides high-quality denim without a massive financial investment.  

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ASOS, an Australian online clothing brand, provides high-quality jeans at an affordable price. The ASOS styles alter the casual mom and dad jean cut and fit to add a new flare to this season’s denim trend. The oversized fit, asymmetrical designs and unique ripping details are all recent popular denim looks that ASOS offers. Check out ASOS to find options for every new fall denim trend you can think of. 

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Princess Polly

These asymmetrical button mom jeans from Princess Polly have been raved about recently all over TikTok and Instagram. Not only do they have the baggy, oversized look, but the asymmetrical waistband placement of the buttons takes these jeans to the next level from the typical mom jeans that you usually go for.  

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Patchwork jeans have made a groundbreaking entrance into fall fashion this year. These unique pieces from PacSun range from varying washes of blue denim patches reworked into one pair of jeans. These funky jeans feature various colors, fraying and stitching to create different pairs to fit anyone’s style.  

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Carpenter jeans are another cut that is on trend this fall. From high to low rise, these bottoms provide a solid base to build the perfect fall look with. They’re unique in their belt looping and stitching and come in a wide array of colors. This high-rise pair from Madewell features a burnt red-orange color and large pocket stitching.

Madewell is known for producing very high-quality denim. The brand openly speaks about their sustainable production, fair trade and continued support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Madewell ethically and fashionably builds a community through high quality, trendy jeans.  

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Motel Rocks

If you love the recent rise of vintage streetwear that has taken over the internet, Motel Rocks is the store for you. Their drop of printed denim that gained popularity on Instagram put them on the map as another hotspot for jeans. These unique pieces push all of the fashion boundaries, allowing your inner style instinct to go rogue. These pieces have been seen on Instagram paired with cropped tees or sweaters and chunky boots or high top sneakers.  

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