A Kick of Heavy Metal

Last spring, artistic wedges and strappy stilettos walked fashion week runways. Prada presented heels with green and yellow flames flowing from the ankles, while Yves Saint Laurent strutted-up in a pair of thick-heeled lollipop pink oxfords. Moving into the fall and winter season, designers have amped up the designs from last spring in a big way.

In Bare Foot Shoe, at 130 E. College Ave. in downtown State College, there was an overwhelming amount of bling on shoes. It looked like Lady Gaga gave her own special touch to all the footwear. Ballet flats, military boots, riding boots, pumps and wedges were adorned with everything from gems, to studs, to spikes. Many shoes sported metal toecaps, and the metallic editions were not exclusive to one type of shoe with embellishments seen on flats, booties, and pumps. Coming in a gold or silver color, the caps looked like sewing thimbles for your toes- never stub a toe again in these trendy shoes.

Meghan Pyle, assistant manager of Bare Foot, pointed out the most outlandish Jeffery Campbell wedge to grace State College. The silver studded, black, five-inch, lace-up booties with inverse banana heels, look like a train wreck to walk in. Nonetheless, they are a piece of art perfectly on trend. Two sales
associates at Bare Foot, Sarah and Courtney, explained studded flats are in high demand for college girls. They are in style and wearable with any outfit; however, what makes them stand out is the lower price point. Decorative flats are a cost effective way to stay on trend. Some come with inch long spikes on
the toes, though, so watch out whom you bump into!

Leather boots are a trend that has carried over from last year. However, they are designed in new colors such as grey and auburn. Military boots are also still popular, but again, are featured in new colors and patterns. Make them stand out by slipping on a pair of slouchy knit socks that poke out over the top.

For those fashionistas not inspired by the Ke$ha-esque, blinged out footwear, The Shoe Box, 214 E. College Ave., has newer versions of your beloved shoes. The shelves were stocked with groundbreaking UGG boots, ranging from knitted cardigan to sequin exteriors, while still keeping the ever-so-soft fleece interior that your feet never want to leave. A sales associate at The Shoe Box, Theresa,
says most shoppers are buying updated deigns of Sperry Topsiders, Nike running sneakers and Madden Girl boots.

If the trending hardware is frightening or just does not tickle your fancy, the styles from last season are still in full swing. But hey, try taking a risk— anyone can pull off a unique pair of kicks.

Photo by Jill Podhor

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