A Summer of Remixes

Photo by Steph Distasio

We all know the struggle of trying to get that picture perfect summer bod. It’s even harder to go about doing so when summer is halfway over. Valley gets it.

We know the pain of weekend picnics, cookouts, midnight snacks and endless s’mores by the fire. Sometimes it’s hard to will yourself to stand up and move when the sun is in the perfect tanning angle right above your lounge chair.

However, when you do find that internal motivation to take a jog around the neighborhood or a power walk through the park, you need some tunes to keep you moving. The radio is great until you hit a commercial. Random Pandora stations really hit the spot until an advertisement pops up. Today’s hits may be your best bet until a slow tune totally “harshes your mellow.”

You need something to keep you going, something that will take your mind off the heavy, out-of-shape breathing behind your headphones. Not speaking for all of us of course, but some of us just can’t keep moving forward quite as well as the rest. To make sure you finish that last lap, here’s Valley’s ultimate guide to your Summer 2017 Remix Playlist. Click below to open the slideshow!

The songs listed in the playlist can all be found on Spotify. It is free to create an account and customize a playlist. Tag @ValleyMag and let us know your favorite song to workout to!