A Look Back At Penn State vs Michigan Games

This Saturday could be the most anticipated Football Saturday that Penn State has seen in years. With the arrival of College Gameday late Wednesday night and the Michigan Wolverines close after that, Happy Valley hasn’t stopped smiling.

With this long-time rivalry and history of unforgettable wins and losses by both teams, VALLEY thought that Penn State should reminisce on weather, stats and fashion during the years the two Big Ten teams faced off.

1995: Beaver Stadium, Penn State 27-17

It was a cold one in Happy Valley for this 1995 home game for the Nittany Lions. During the days leading up to the game there were 18 inches of snow in which volunteers were paid $5 per hour to help shovel off the field in order to beat Michigan for a chilly November game on the following Saturday. Penn State won, with running back Stephen Pitts gaining 58 yards in the fourth quarter that led to a fake field goal for Joe Natasi to turn into a victory for Happy Valley.

Fashion: The middle of the 90s footage from the game against the Wolverines illustrated puffy coats and a lot of colors in the stands outside of the game. Fashion trends that year were pant suits, midriff and silk.

On trend: Spice Girls and Friends.

2005: Michigan Stadium, Michigan 27-25

A sad game this year made the Nittany Lion’s only loss of the season. With the score being close through the fourth quarter. With under a minute left in the game, Penn State had the lead 25-21. Theories still exist today that extra time was added to the clock during a timeout to lead Michigan to winning the game.

Fashion: trucker hats, skinny jeans, juicy tracksuits, Uggs.

On Trend: Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” and The Pussycat Dolls.

2013: Beaver Stadium, Penn State 43-40 (4OT)

This Penn State victory was like no other for the Penn State program. This win was their comeback win—four overtimes later.

“The atmosphere was incredible. At the beginning of the game the stands were shaking and we all believed we could win it. During the game, when we were losing, fans started to give up hope and the mood went from high energy to low energy very quickly. Towards the end when we came back was an atmosphere that I had yet to experience. It was louder than ever, even without the hopeless fans who had left the game prior. I knew we would win at that very moment. My friends and I bleacher hopped closer and closer to the front with every play. By the end of the game we were almost touching the field and I had a clear view of A-rob’s notorious catch. We all screamed and lifted each other off our feet, high-fiving each stranger within 10 feet of us. People screamed, the stadium filled with smiles and happy tears. It was unquestionably the best moment of my Penn State experience,” says Jaclyn O’Connor, a 2015 Penn State graduate.

Fashion in 2013: ALL WHITE in Beaver Stadium. Fashion trends outside of the stadium included leather, crop tops, oversized coats, witty sweaters  and knit beanies. 

On trend: Final season of Breaking Bad and the debut of Yeezus.

VALLEY hopes this Saturday brings another victory for our Nittany Lions to continue this unforgettable season!


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