A Guide to Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

Obrien_yourboyfriendsclothes (1)There are many perks to having a boyfriend, but by far the best part of having a boyfriend is his closet. Yes ladies, besides the dates and cuddling, having a boyfriend means that your amount of clothes miraculously doubles… even if he isn’t aware of this.

But with a closet full of suits and oversized jeans, it’s hard knowing what clothing items will translate into women’s clothing. For those unsure of what to wear, here’s a guide to navigating through your boyfriend’s closet.



Bring back 90s grunge with your boyfriend’s worn in flannels. Over the past couple of years, flannels have been a huge trend among men’s and women’s wear. Pair this flannel with a pair of your favorite boyfriend jeans, or maybe your boyfriend’s favorite jeans, and you’re set for any activity. If grunge isn’t your thing, Christie Hoyt Hayes, freshman, says to try wearing your boyfriend’s flannel with a pair of leggings for a more girly look. If your flannel is large enough, try wearing lace tights underneath it to turn it into a dress.

Men’s Scarves

Women’s scarves are always very voluminous with many layers of fabric and different prints. This greatly differs from men’s scarves, which are skinnier and more basic. By borrowing your man’s scarf, you can add a more sophisticated simplistic look to your outfit that a chunky infinity scarf couldn’t. If your man also has silk scarves, try pairing that with a blazer (channel your inner Jared Leto).

The Boyfriend Coat

This year, one of the biggest trends in fashion has been bulky, geometric coats. These coats look masculine and can be easily copied by stealing one of your boyfriend’s wool or pea coats. Wearing an oversized infinity scarf adds a chic and feminine touch to it. Be sure to pay attention to size though. While you want this coat to be larger than your normal fitted pea coats, you don’t want to wear a coat you’ll be swimming in. The right boyfriend coat will add some dimension to your shoulders while being slightly baggy at the torso. You can copy this same look by stealing some of your boyfriend’s blazers as well.

Oversized sweaters

A lot of women’s sweaters are often fitted or even cropped, so finding the right oversized sweater can be hard. That’s where your boyfriend’s comes in handy. Wearing his oversized pullovers are perfect for those winter days when wearing something fitted and tight is just too much work. Similar to flannels, really long and oversized sweaters can be easily converted into a sweater dress with a pair of tights or knee high socks.


One clothing item that every guy seems to have an endless supply of is t-shirts. Whether this means the muscle, the graphic or the simple v-neck tee, the versatility of this shirt means you can wear it on all occasions. Wearing your boyfriend’s worn in t-shirt to bed is not only sentimental but incredibly comfy. Bold graphic t-shirts are also fun for layering under flannels and adding something interesting to your pj collection.

Also wearing your significant other’s muscle tee as a swimsuit cover up is something Monique Rohrbach, freshman, does often. But for all my single ladies out there, don’t worry that’s the whole point of having fathers and brothers.

Photo by Alex O’Brien


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