A Girl’s Goodbye To Derek Jeter

1392234550000-2014-02-12-jeter2Dear Derek Jeter,

I got my first Yankee baseball jersey when I was eight and it had your name and the number two on the back of it, but I honestly had no idea who you were. My little brother would babble non-stop about the beloved Yankee Captain and it really meant nothing to me, until I went to my first Yankee game.

I had pretty good seats a few rows back behind the Yankee dugout and was there early enough to watch all the players warm up on the field. There I was sitting in my seat, softball glove in one hand and extremely large and expensive cup of Coke in the other, when you emerged from beneath the dugout like a beautiful baseball God. I tapped my brother on the shoulder frantically saying, “Who is that? He’s so cute!” “DEREK JETER!” he screamed like a maniac. My innocent elementary eyes went right to your butt when you started stretching because, oh my, did it look good in those baseball pants. You ran around the field flashing that beautiful smile and I couldn’t help but fall in love.

After that game, I started to really like baseball, and you. Over the years I would go to games with all of my friends and family and cheer you on. I was one of those annoying chicks in the bleachers screaming your name and waving to get your attention. Oh, and you were obviously my man crush Monday on Instagram.

Aside from your outrageously good looks, you are an incredible baseball player. You are among the best. You have meant so much to the Yankees and to all of us fans during your 20-year-long career in pinstripes. You are so special on and off the field and are a role model and a hero to so many people that have watched you grow as a player. Us Yankee fans have been with you every step of your career, watching with amazement as you continuously exceeded all expectations. The stadium was full of tears, excitement, amazement and respect as you took your final at bats at your last home game. We watched as our hero took his last few steps in his amazing journey.

It’s really hard coming to terms with the fact that all the Yankee games I go to from here on out won’t be graced with your presence. Your retirement marks an end in a chapter in your live and in ours. This is a sad,sad goodbye. Derek, you are definitely the hottest retired person in the entire world and you now have so much time to enjoy different parts of life. I can’t wait to see what you do with the world.

It has been a pleasure and a honor to watch you play over the years. It also has been really exciting pretending that you are my boyfriend. So to Derek Jeter, DJ, Captain, Mr. November and forever my fantasy husband, have fun during your retirement with all of the beautiful models that aren’t me. We will miss your presence, grace, skills and your butt in those baseball pants. GOODBYE DEREK! It’s been one hell of a ride.

Forever Love,
Jennifer Meyers

Photo credit: usatoday.com


  • Avatar Mom & Dad Meyers says:

    Great article Jenny. Many memories of you cheering on Derek at the Yankee games. It’s a great girls goodbye to the Captain.

  • Avatar Tyler Fiedler says:

    Derek noooooo not yet 🙁 love the article Jen! I was one of those people in tears just a few days ago!

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