A Five-Day Style Guide for a Stylish Student on the Run

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Deadlines and test dates flooding your calendar can make waking up for class a struggle in itself, especially as a busy college student. To ease some of the stress a hectic morning can bring you, VALLEY is coming to the rescue. The pressure of not knowing what to wear is a thing of the past with this five-day school week clothing style guide. Style and comfort come together to produce the perfect outfits for a college student on the run.


Mondays sadly signal the end of the weekend and the beginning of the school week. To ease into the heavy workload a Monday promises to present, an easy and stylish athletic outfit is just the thing. Start with the queen of comfort clothing—leggings. Add an Adidas sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters or a fuzzy sweatshirt that’s been taking over Instagram with some Nike or Adidas sneakers and you’re good to go.


Continuing to utilize a piece from Monday’s outfit pick, we will wear our leggings once again on Tuesday. Style it with Steve Madden slip-on suede sneakers, starting at $80, or your favorite slip-on Vans, starting at $50, and you are already halfway through creating this cute outfit. Throw on a striped long sleeve or graphic tee from stores like Pacsun, Urban Outfitters or American Eagle Outfitters, with a fitted or oversized jean jacket. To complete the look, add a hat with a fuzzy pom pom on the top to keep your ears and head warm from State College’s brutally cold winter temperatures. You just mashed style with comfort.


Wednesdays indicate the halfway mark of the school week and one step closer to watching Netflix indefinitely. Step away from the leggings for this outfit and throw on a pair of  joggers, starting at around $20 from American Eagle Outfitters. Add white Vans slip-on sneakers or your favorite Steve Madden slip-on shoes. Take off the hanger your favorite long sleeve t-shirt and rewear your go to jean jacket and you just completed another stylish but yet comfortable outfit.


To satisfy your inner preppy side, VALLEY is taking things up a notch for Thursday’s look. Bring back those leggings and pair them with your go-to boots. Any boots—such as L.L. Bean boots, Sperry duck boots or Hunter rain boots—will complete this preppy look. Pull on your favorite long sleeve t-shirt from brands like Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, The Black Dog or Southern Marsh, and a cozy vest with prices ranging from a $15 at Old Navy to $70 at J.Crew. Add in some pearl earrings or a monogrammed necklace.


Friday has finally arrived. What better way to end the week than to rock some Penn State gear? Grab any PSU sweatshirt, pullover or t-shirt in your closet you have collected from any of the downtown shops like McLanahan’s or The Family Clothesline. Pair your go-to gear with some L.L. Bean boots to make it through the snow and your favorite leggings. You just completed a successful five-day guide to combining comfort and style for your next school week.


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