A College Student’s Guide to Family Friendly Outfits

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With the holidays coming up, all VALLEY readers are obligated to remind the family members who the best dressed is. It is the time to force your little sibling to go outside and take your Instagram pic so your outfit gets it’s time to shine. However, stunting on grandma and grandpa with your outfit can be difficult with a closet made up of Shein tops, so VALLEY is here to help its fellow budgeting fashionistas out during this holiday season.

The Perfect Pants
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            We have all gotten the comments about the ripped jeans. “Are you going to church with those hole-y pants?” The jokes have gotten old and honestly, so have the jeans. Last year, it seems that most girls upgraded their going-out pants from jeans to leather pants, which actually puts us right where we want to be for an outfit. Leather pants have a certain class to them that is perfectly appropriate for a family dinner. Pair them with some boots and a blazer or sweater and you’re sure to look mature, all while sticking to your college party roots secretly.

Family Friendly Flannels
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            Once the cold weather hits, boys love to whip out the flannels. While no one is complaining, we feel obligated to say that a flannel is not a jacket and it is ok to put on a coat once and a while, boys. However, your favorite flannel should surely be packed to go home. A flannel paired with some jeans is a staple for not only a frat party, but also a nice brunch with the cousins! Stick to what you know boys, the American Eagle flannel lives on to see another year, VALLEY approved.

A Sophisticated Scarf
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            Speaking of cold weather, the scarves that students have been bundled up in to brace the chilling walk to class can also be a very tasteful addition to a simple outfit without having to spend any extra money. Any pants and a plain long sleeve t-shirt are automatically elevated when a colorful scarf is thrown on top, so add that to your holiday look book as well.

Our Daring Dresses
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            Now, with all this talk of making your college student clothing family-friendly VALLEY thinks it’s time to do what we do best – mini dresses. Thank god for New Year’s Eve because this is the perfect occasion to wear something your dad will hate and have it be justified. Go remind all your old high school flings that you’re the one who got away at your local bar this holiday and wear that sparkly dress with some boots and maybe a slicked back bun. It’s just what we do best.

            NYE is sparkly and romantic, so this could be a good time to step out of your comfort zone with an outfit. While the bank account is looking a little rough right now, capitalizing on the holidays prior and asking for a fun and flirty outfit as a gift could be a great way to ensure a fantastic outfit that didn’t break the budget.

            Have you family friendly-ified an outfit for home? Tweet us @VALLEYmag with your outfits this holiday season and remember to follow us on all other socials as well.


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