7 Weird Beauty Tips That Actually Work

Obrien_Beautytipsthatwork (1)A good beauty tip can go a long way, but sometimes the tricks we learn to improve ourselves can be a little wacky. Turns out a little out of the normal can be really helpful. Here are some weird beauty tips that actually work.

1. Toothpaste on pimples

Colgate toothpaste not only helps improve your mouth with its maximum cavity protection, it also helps calm down zits by drying them out and decreasing redness. All White Colgate toothpaste has the perfect ingredients to dry that sucker out before picture day. Only apply a little directly on pimples, don’t use toothpaste as a face mask.

2. Olive Oil in your hair

Dressing on salads, marinades for meat, and a deep conditioning treatment for your hair; who would have thought? Constant use of heat products cause damage to your hair, but good thing one of the best conditioners can be found in your kitchen cabinet. Heat up oil olive in the microwave just until its warm. Massage the olive oil in your hair and scalp until everything is covered. Then, put your hair up into a shower cap or plastic bag and leave it there for about 30 minutes. Soon enough you’ll have shiny, soft hair that is easy to manage.

3. Spoons over eyelids

There is nothing worse than those pesky streaks of mascara that get on your eye shadow while applying it. Instead of standing in front of the mirror thinking of ways to take off the mascara marks without ruining the rest of your makeup, avoid this situation completely by using a spoon. Place the spoon over your closed eye round side up and then apply your mascara. This protects your eye shadow and adds a little curve to your lashes. 

4. Face Yoga

Face Yoga is made up of a series of face stretches. They are designed to tighten and tone the muscles in your face to fight off wrinkles and aging. Basically, if you are a master at making a funny face and holding in that position for a minute or so, face yoga is definitely for you. My personal favorite is the Satchmo, which consists of sucking as much air in, puffing out your cheeks, pursing your lips, and opening up your eyes like a deer in headlights.

5. Conditioner as shaving cream

When the animals are hibernating, so are girls’ razors. Because of the lack of shaving in the winter you might forget to purchase shaving cream, but don’t panic if you’re preparing for a hot date and you realize you’re out of it. Hair conditioner works just as well as shaving cream. It allows a close shave and it leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft.

6. Vaseline as makeup remover

There is nothing worse than running out of make up remover, going in the shower to try to scrub off your eyeliner, and coming out looking like a crazed raccoon. Vaseline is a great alternative for taking off any type of eye makeup. Besides being gooey and making you feel like your eyes are temporarily stuck together, it’s cheap, does the job, and leaves your eyelids feeling smooth.

7. Milk on puffy eyebrows

A recent eyebrow wax job is easy to spot out thanks to the puffy redness or the use of sunglasses indoors or at unnecessary times. Avoid hiding your puffy eyes from the public by soaking a washcloth in milk and placing it on your eyebrows after waxing to decrease redness.

Some of the best beauty tips might be a little unconventional; but embrace your weird, and try something new.

Photo by Alex O’Brien


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