50 Things All Penn Staters Should be Thankful For

Photo by Amanda Hunt

There are things like friends, family, food and football that everyone can be thankful for this Thanksgiving. However, going to a school like Penn State gives you a few extra things to be thankful for.

1. Our beautiful campus
2. Berkey Creamery
3. Beaver Stadium
4. Old Main
5. East Halls
6. The best student section in the country
7. The largest alumni network in the world
8. 46 Hours FTK [THON]
9. Greek life
10. Non-greek life
11. THON 5K
12. Allen St. during Christmas time
13. The Corner Room
14. The “We Are” Chant
15. Chicken baskets 
16. PSU Football
17. Tailgating
18. The mural on Heister St. 
19. Chipotle
20. Gameday outfits 
21. Our professors
22. West Halls cookies
23. The service puppies that walk around campus
24. The HUB when it isn’t lunchtime or super crowded
25. The HUB when it is lunchtime and you’re craving Chick-fil-a
26. The Whoop
27. The Bloop
28. Canyon Pizza
29. DP Dough
30. Are U Hungry
31. Gumby’s
32. Downtown stores (although our wallets might not be)
33. Mt. Nittany 
34. The Arboretum 
35. Our school spirit
36. The opportunities we have
37. Getting thrown up in the air at football games
38. The lion shrine
39. Walking around campus after the first snowfall 
40. When it finally stops snowing and we have two warm weeks at the end of Spring semester 
41. McLanahans
42. Having three Starbuck in a 2 mile radius to choose from 
43. Fratland
44. Free Dunkin Donuts the Monday after a PSU Football win
45. Pegula Ice Arena
46. PSU Sports
47. Movin’ On
48. The people 
49. Memories and friends we’ve made
50. Having a school that makes graduating so hard

We are thankful for Penn State. Happy Thanksgiving.