5 Ways to Upgrade Your S’more Game

Can you feel it in the air? It’s summertime and along with that comes s’more szn. That’s right, the summertime specialty, the staple of the summer! So break out the firewood, lawn chairs and marshmallow roasting sticks because it’s time for some rest and relaxation.

A campfire without s’mores is like Bonnie without Clyde, and while the typical s’more hits the spot, Valley has a few variations of the OG treat.

Chocolate Peanut Butter S’more

Imagine this: Creamy peanut butter spread over honey graham crackers with a slab of chocolate and a gooey marshmallow wedged in between. It’s like a peanut butter and fluff sandwich with chocolate in the middle.

Reese’s S’more

If you’re feeling the chocolate peanut butter combo, check this out! Swap your Hershey bar for a Reese’s Cup and let the savory sweet melt with every bite. Are your taste buds tingling for something more? Try Men’s Health’s banana Reese’s Cup variation by just adding sliced bananas.

Maple Bacon S’more

This one can be a bit messy but it’s worth it. To achieve this level of s’more perfection, layer bacon, a toasted marshmallow and chocolate in between graham crackers. Top it off by drizzling your favorite maple syrup in the middle of the miraculous mess.

Oreo S’more

Take an Oreo (or an Oreo Thin, if those are your go-to), pull apart the two cookies and place your roasted marshmallow in between. The Oreo cookies act as a graham cracker and who doesn’t love that vanilla cream in the middle?

Toasted Coconut Marshmallow S’more

Whether you’re really into coconut or just are feeling tropical, you won’t go wrong with Jet-Puffed toasted coconut marshmallows. Add the normal s’more necessities, the chocolate and graham cracker, with this coconut bite of bliss. When roasted over the coals of a fire, the coconut shavings and gooey marshmallow is to die for.

The dynamic trio: Hershey’s, Honey Maid and Jet-Puffed. Next time you trek out to the campfire be sure to treat yourself to this delicacy of a midsummer muggy night.